Data used by EnergyMap

These pages describe the data available in this software, its limitations and the assumptions we have made.

The Energy Hub combines data from a number of different sources and combines it in a way to be useful to people analysing energy use in the UK. Data is available at differring resolutions, and not all data is available at all resolutions. For example, data might be available for a Local Authority region but not when you zoom in to street level. The software holds energy data for the whole of the UK, but data may not be available for every region. For example, some regions do not have a gas supply. We have uploaded data as it has become available, and therefore our data will not reflect any retrospective revisions.

At the moment we have chosen not to include data for Scotland and Northern Ireland. We may seek to address this in the future, but at present data is offered for England and Wales only. The formats and availability of data for these regions present additional challenges that we were not able to address within our funding constraints.

The regions for which data is currently available are, in decending order of size:

Country > Local Authority > MLSOA > LLSOA

This table shows the data available and the geographic regions for which it is available. Click on the text within the table for more detailed information on a subject.

Data Source Data Category Local Authority Area (LA) Middle Layer Super Output Area (MLSOA) Lower Layer Super Output Area (LLSOA)
Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Domestic Electricity and Gas (2008-2012) X X X
  Commercial Electricity and Gas (2008-2012) X X  
  Other Fuels e.g. Oil, Coal (2005-2011) X    
  Transport Fuel (2005-2012) X    
Office of National Statistics (ONS) Statistics e.g. Population, Households, Area (2011 Census) X X X
  Central Heating Types (2011) X X X
National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) CO2 Emissions (2005-2010) X    

You can read about any assumptions and limitations of processing the data here.